Poem: Why do you look at me that way?

Why do you look at me that way

Why do you look at me that way? Do you see something in my eyes that no one else sees? A home? Life? Do you see yourself reflected in them? I do. I see myself reflected in your eyes and I look like you. The same hopes and dreams. The fear we share for death and loss. Poverty. How different we are. And yet the same.

I come from a home too. A house and a home. A family. My mother and father- they love me too. My sisters and my brothers- they miss me. I am here. So far away- in this place where nothing is familiar and everything is strange. I am here through their sacrifice. To be something better. To be my mother’s doctor and my little brother’s teacher. He cannot grow if he does not learn. She is ill and the what ails her cannot be treated at home. Can it be treated anywhere? Can it be treated here?

Does she have cancer? No. Her heart is ill. She is sad. She misses me, and I miss her too. Help me. Smile at me. Teach her. To smile again.

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