Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities Conference 2018

Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities Conference 2018

Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities Conference at Hope College 2018

Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities is an organization working to address the lack of cross-institutional support for undergraduate research in the humanities.

To reverse this culture, the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities has become that collective of students from a wide array of colleges and universities whose mission is to promote, present, and encourage rigorous student research in the humanities, especially with an emphasis on digital humanities.

UNRH provides both a physical space for student interactions in the form of an annual conference, and a virtual space on their website with a forum built for the exchange of ideas.

The UNRH network has been steadily growing; in fact, since the first UNRH conference in November, 2015, the conference has accepted over 50 projects, involving over 80 undergraduates from 31 institutions all across the United States, Canada, Nigeria, and Pakistan.

The 2018 conference was hosted by Hope College this past weekend on February 16th-18th in Holland, MI. I was privileged to attend with my professor Jacob Heil who was the key note speaker at this year’s conference.

Jacob Heil

The biggest themes from the conference I feel were around finding support structures and avenues through which to ask humanities and digital humanities questions. Delegates discussed the importance of faculty and student cooperating in the pursuit of research questions.

I was particularly by Shaheera Pesnani insistence on the importance of design thinking centered courses, projects and planning. Many of the delegates expressed the sentiment that access to faculty mentorship and guidance in digital humanities work would move projects forward in incredible ways. There was also mention of departmental tables/ lunches to foster student-faculty conversation by Arianna Montero-Colbert. These are incredible people, and they are working on the most incredible projects! I want to examine each of their projects individually but find a short description of each of their projects below:

Women Against Violent Extremism (WAVE) The American University of Nigeria–Zamiyat Abubakar, Ebiuwairo Uwagboe, & Fatimah Bashir

Technology Enhanced Learning for All (TELA) The American University of Nigeria–Oluwafunminitemi Oluwadare & Maryam Abdulkadir

Multi-stakeholder Input in Tackling Karachi’s Water Distribution Issues and the Use of GIS Mapping Habib University–Uzair Ibrahim & Farwa Hussain

Space Network Analysis Habib University–Shaheera Pesnani & Fahad Ahmed Khan

Florence As It Was Washington & Lee University–Colby Gilley & Katherine Dau

The Meadiaville Listening Project Allegheny College–Chelsea Contino & Sophie Dodge

War Memories Intercultural Intergenerational Oral History Project Kalamazoo College–Lisa Johnston & Min Soo Kim

Early DC Criminal Court Oberlin College–Shira Cohen, Julia Butterfield, & Siena Marcelle

Sentiment Analysis of Online Book Club Literary Discussion The College of Wooster–Catherine Lockwood

Digital Tools for Police Accountability Occidental College–Xiomara Rodriguez

Cinquecento 360 Occidental College–Lilla Butterworth

Socially Responsible Gaming Davidson College–Arianna Montero-Colbert

Sleeping With the Pedagogy Davidson College–Ellie Rifkin & Meredith Foulke

The Man Who Wore Red Hope College–Nia Stringfellow

Discovering Digital Humanities: Food Culture as a Case Study in the Visual and Representational Denison University–Grace Martin

The Refugee Show and Tell Project Dickinson College–Norma Jean Park, Alex Bossakov, Andrea Bisbjerg, & Julie Yao

“You’ve Got the Wrong Bitch”: Empowered Queer Identity through the Contemporary Witches in Oz Lakehead University–McKenna Boeckner

My Person Whittier College–Regina Loren Valencia

Isabella Bird: New Perspectives on the American West Creighton University–Alisha Baginski