The world changes quickly. People do not.

Most people think the world has changed. It hasn’t.

  Duality. Everything in life is a duality. Black and white. Our world is a difficult place- now perhaps more than ever. But it is also such a beautiful place. The sky, the smell of rain. Even our suffering has a beauty to it.

We have the greatest opportunities in the time that man has walked this earth, and the greatest challenges. Many would argue we are largely responsible for both. What a time to be alive.

James Hammond

We destroy such majesty, uproot it, domesticate it, tame it. Beauty cannot be tamed. It cannot be possessed. What a time we are alive.

A time in which mankind both authors and erases his own future. Startlingly quickly. One step forward, two steps back. We are moving forward, slowly, although it may not seem like it. We are moving forward, imperceptibly, but significantly.

Every candle lit banishes the dark.

We will never stop striving. Humanity tries- this is what we do. We reach, and fight, and pull, and struggle, for causes both worthy and unworthy of our effort. We try and we fail. It is what has set us apart from our animal brethren the start. Our will to dominate our surroundings, to subjugate nature and bend it to our will. To tread the heavens, the unknown depths of the oceans, and the mountains of the earth alike- our restless has been rapacious. Since we first tamed fire. Then the forest, then the animals, and then slowly, we tamed everything, until we were left with one wild force to tame: ourselves.

In the face of everything that has changed since the first man discovered fire, and the next man invented the wheel, not a lot about mankind has truly changed. 

Except perhaps that “a lot more of us are unhealthy now -Scientific American

and it only takes a handful of people to destroy the entire world now- Vox diplomatic crises are easier than ever to spark.

Life is hard. But besides that, no, not a lot has changed in the ways that count. We still fight over our different religions and our interpretations of them. We still work, perhaps harder than any other generation before us has worked and longer and we are less happier.

A lot has changed in this last century. A second in a day in the universe.

But we have not changed that much in the last century. Mankind is still very young. We keep striving for more, and must keep striving, but perhaps now we should give thought to taming ourselves and our insatiable hunger for domination. It cannot be quenched, and our world is finite.