Poem: The little boy in the sun- The Little Prince

“Do you see the sun?”” I looked at him and wondered if he was playing some joke on me. Yes, I see the sun- really meaning to say-

Do you see the sun?- Tanaka Chingonzo blog

“Is there anything else to see?” The afternoon was hot and the air was dry. I wanted water to drink. A watermelon to quench my thirst. I was silent. Annoyed. “Do you see the sun?” he asked me again.

“Yes, I see it.” I imagined I must be truly lost in delirium now. Walking and speaking with visions of myself. Annoying myself and at once, inspiring myself. But I went along with him anyway.

“This sun whose heat annoys so, it is why the flowers you so love are in bloom. It is the one and only reason they are open now and sharing their color and beauty with you. They do not love you- they love the sun and they bloom for it- and because they do and bloom for you too- they love you too.”

These flowers bloom for you- Tanaka Chingonzo blog

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