Quick thoughts.

  1. It is looking to be a tough week. Today, I got my grade back for a tough test I took last week, and that set a low tone for my day. I have an Art History exam. I am definitely hitting the tail-end of the semester.
  2. A professor who was really kind to me last year is leaving Wooster. I must get coffee with her before the end of the semester.
  3. I am in a dilemma. I have to solidify my summer plans. I want to stay on campus and work at IT and do my own work in the evenings.
  4. I need to eliminate my sources of frustration. Here’s how. I have to simplify everything.
    (x) If there is a truth I have to share with someone I feel beholden to, I shall share it.
    (x) If there is a difficult conversation I need to have, I shall have it at the soonest possible time.
    (x) If there is something I am running away from, I shall stop running and face it.
  5. I need to register for classes.