Hosting the Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities 2019 at Wooster

A few weeks ago, we held the UNRH conference at Wooster. A month ago to be exact. It was the most rewarding thing I have ever done- I cannot remember ever putting so much of myself into something, or gaining so much from a work project. The reason for that must be because UNRH, more accurately the Digital Humanities are my work, and my passion.

Scott and I put in a tonne of work into meeting with the bureaucratic structures we had to negotiate, and Taylor, Arianna and the rest of the team put in an unbelievable amount of work for our group to be able to meet in Wooster and share our passion for the humanities. I cannot describe my gratitude to them now. If you have ever attended a conference and taken for granted the fact that everything seems to go smoothly, you need to organize one to appreciate the work that goes into it.

The depth and breadth of variety and quality of work that delegates talked about at the conference was incredible. Someone was studying and visualizing the evolution of meanings of words over time using data pulled from Twitter, someone else was working on mapping the history of an old military airfield, and how its history shaped the development of the town around it.

These were really interesting questions. Here’s a list and description of some of them, and the talented students working on them.

Here they are: I do them an injustice by trying to summarize what they are here.

Rural Places Queer Spaces Allegheny College–Mark Myers

The Meadiaville Listening Project Allegheny College–Gabrielle Miller

Digital Catharsis: A Developing Model for the Benefits and Pitfalls of Social Media Movements Brigham Young University, Provo–Stephen Cook

Demands Met and Voices Lost: Reshaping Institutional Narratives of Change Davidson College–Yashita Kandhari, Sanzari Aranyak & Arianna Montero-Colbert

Mina Loy: Navigating the Avant-Garde Davidson College–Leah Mell

Times, Space and Memory: The Urban Everyday, Exploring Identities in the City Habib University–Zahra Sohail Mukhi

Studying the Impact of Rural Electrification in Village Hashim Mirbahar Habib University–Hunza Irfan & Muhammad Arhum

Consequences of E-waste on Developing Countries Habib University–Uswa Ali Memon

Chronicles of Pakistani Youth: The Online Edition Habib University–Shayaan Aijaz Malik

Comparative study of Defensive Urbanism in Karachi and London Habib University–Kashmala Tahir

Playground Habib University–Abiha Batool

Haptic Feedback Habib University–Muhammad Ali Haider Dar, Syed Hasan Shozab Abidi & Syed Muhammad Haider Raza Rizvi

LGBTQIA Oral History Hamilton College–Duncan Davies

Advertising in North India: Languages, Scripts, and the Politics of Education Hamilton College–Victoria Anibarro

Indigenous Women and the Marketplace: Agency, Culture, and Empowerment Hope College–Carolyn Wetzel & Kelly Fuhs

My Meaningful Life Lakehead University–Samantha Zoe Dhillon

Human Trafficking Awareness in the Form of an Immersive Experience Michigan State University–Erin Campbell

Decolonizing the Archive Occidental College–Kelsey Martin

Through Mountain and Desert: Geography of Chinese Workers Building the Transcontinental Railroad Stanford University–Stephanie Niu

The Voltaire Library Project Stanford University–Lena Emelyn Zlock

Digital Scholarship Internship, Social Knowledge and Educational Resources Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv–Anna Honcharova

Mapping the Past: A Visual History of Kearney Army Air Field University of Nebraska Kearney–Tatiana Moore

Keep an eye out for next year’s conference, and apply to it if you are interested in anything Digital Humanities. I will ammend this post more, but for now, because it is 1:17am and I have to be at the NSBE career fair again tomorrow, later.