I watched you go down that little path so badly beaten

I watched you go down that path so badly beaten

I used to wonder what lay down that other road. What skyscrapers or forests or open fields lay down there that I couldn’t yet see. That I would never see. My life was at a crossroads and I went up the higher road. There was a better view of the world from up there anyway. I watched you go down that little path so badly beaten, down into the forest and the green grass, until you disappeared and the sun fell and everything went blue-dark.

I wondered what your last thoughts were as you vanished from view and I, beyond yours. As the trees and the grass and the dark swallowed you and obscured you from the view of the stars and I. What did you think as you last gazed at my smile. Did you think of me at all or were you so blinded by the sun behind me- mesmerized by its golden rays playing in my dark ebony hair, bathing it in a bronze hue. A crown. A dethroned king. Was that what you thought of me? I cycled on and on, across bridges over rivers that did not flow. And those rivers that did, edging forward like rivers of blood- red muddy- from a festering deep dark wound. A dying Earth.

Through gaping holes in mountains- like faces in terror of mankind’s ambition and his foolishness. I walked and watched a million suns rise and set. Did you see the same sun I saw? Did the same stars that glinted in my sky overhead glint in yours? Did you think of me when you did? I didn’t. I looked at the sky and saw my stars- stars that shined only for me and eternity. I heard the promise of the cosmos, the promise of life and death and kindness and chaos and life. I smiled and walked on up my own road. The original article I wrote on medium

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