Tanaka Chingonzo Python & C programmer. Web Developer. Tanaka Chingonzo is a global shaper with the World Economic Forum, and a student from Zimbabwe. He is a software engineer and student in Ohio. Computer Science and Sociology Double Major | Digital Humanities Student | Making Connections between people and data

Immersion Email Network Analysis and Visualization

Using Immersion to find patterns in emails and networks

Immersion Email Network Analysis and Visualization

Using Immersion to find patterns in emails and networks

Voyant Tools Textual Data Analysis and Visualization

Using Voyant tools to find patterns in Shakespeare and Jane Austen

Mining the Dispatch for Textual Data on the Civil War

Using machine learning and probabilistic topic modelling specifically a tool called MALLET -created by McCallum, Andrew to analyze an archive of 112000 pieces of text, and more than 24 million words.

Sunday, 11 February. Distance. Displacement.

How far I have come. Distance. How little I have moved? Displacement.

Saturday, 10 February. Moore's Law & Sod's Law.

Everything that is possible is happening all at once. While Murphy's law says that anything that **can** go wrong, will go wrong (eventually), Sod's law requires that it always goes wrong with the worst possible outcome.

Friday, 09 February. Semester 2 at Wooster. Chaos Theory.

Today was a good day. I had my sociology exam. I wrote 5 and a half pages of social theories describing the sociological imagination and the 3 main sociological paradigms. I am finding that Marx, Durkheim and I share views on more things than I would have thought even all 3 of them disagree on almost everything.

Who Breaks a Butterfly Upon a Wheel

And because the past is never dead; it is not even past. The Sense of an Ending, and the untimely death of Aaron Swartz. Here is suicide as a philosophical question: does suicide make sense as an answer to suffering?

The illusion of Explanatory Depth

Often, those of us who know the least about things are the same ones who over-estimate our understanding of everything.

2017 in retrospect

The water is thickest while we’re in it. The path bumpiest while we walk it.

Data, AI, Democracy, Access and a better world.

According to The Economist, in 2017, data is the new oil.

Beautiful Charts with Frappe Charts

I found this really cool tool online today under Github's trending repositories. It is called Frappe Charts.

The cost of "free" apps and the quest to connect the world.

The wealthy are wealthier and the poorer are poorer still. It is my hope that my generation can reduce the inequality we are inheriting today, and that empathy may play a more prominent role in the way we do business.

The Next Global Epidemic.

Then there’s malaria, about which there are only scattershot records, but may have killed as many as half the human beings who have ever lived.

People walk down the same roads.

I used to wonder what lay down that other road.What skyscrapers or forests or open fields lay down there that I couldn’t yet see.

Wherever you are, seek beauty there.

Find it in yourself and in everyone else. Take it into your heart, and keep it there and in the cold despair that touches you when you fail, may you learn to keep yourself warm.

The world changes quickly. People do not.

We have the greatest opportunities in the time that man has walked this earth, and the greatest challenges. Many would argue we are largely responsible for both. What a time to be alive.

This semester I want to grow. What is your biggest goal?

When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. But when I grew up, I put away childish things.

A culture of silent noise and oppression.

Thank you for teaching me how to speak. And then asking me to be silent when I did speak. For everyone who has looked oppression in the face.

What keeps you up at night?

The only thing I like more than thinking about nothing, and doing nothing is talking- talking about myself. It’s a mystery that I articulate something I understand so well, so poorly.

How to find happiness in our Difficult Decisions

We aren’t sure of ourselves anymore. Our generation pushes its decisions forward. Too often. We procrastinate, telling ourselves we need more information to make the decision.

Poem- The important places by Forrest Woodward

Child of Mine, come as you grow in youth you will learn the secret places, the cave behind the waterfall

40 percent of adults have never heard of climate change.

Climate change is a unique problem in many ways. Unlike any other challenge humankind has previously faced, its responsibility is not shared equally across the world, and its consequences will be felt in the same way- unequally but devastatingly.

How has globalization affected our communities?

Globalization has resulted in the upheaval of traditional structures and cultures and continues to foster the empowerment of Zimbabwean people and to push them up the value chain.

I turned 20 today. If I live to be 80, today I have used up a quarter of my life

Gratitude. I turned twenty today. I feel 18 much like I did yesterday. Except, reflecting on the last year, this is the one word that I feel most completely sums up how I feel- gratitude

You're buying that ice cream with time. Don't overspend.

In the heat of the summer sun in Zimbabwe, ice cream is a delightful thing to taste. It's a wonderful thing to look at. Like ambrosia- the food of the Gods. It's the taste of heaven.

Why I do what I do- Adversity and Curiosity

I heard about Harare Start up Weekend from my brother, Takunda, a prominent entrepreneur in the Zimbabwe innovation space.

When the rain falls for too long after a drought

The rain fell as though the skies had been pregnant and their waters had broken. Literally.


One of the most fundamental laws of physics, the second law of thermodynamics, or the law of entropy basically states that the general tendency of the universe is to move from order and structure to lack of order, lack of structure.

Now is the greatest time to be alive!

Do you ever look out your window at the night sky and feel a yearning to be elsewhere? A deep need to be somewhere else- somewhere you've never been.

Poem: The little boy in the sun- The Little Prince

This sun whose heat annoys so, it is why the flowers you so love are in bloom. It is the one and only reason they are open now and sharing their color and beauty with you.

Poem: Why do you look at me that way?

Why do you look at me that way? Do you see something in my eyes that no one else sees? A home? Life? Do you see yourself reflected in them? I do.

A half remembered dream.

In my head, perhaps in a dream- a half forgotten dream- I have written this a thousand times, and each time I put my hands to my keyboard, it feels like a dream half remembered. But I have not yet truly begun, on paper.

Writing in the morning- The miracle of life

We live and we die, and perhaps though we forget this in adulthood, a forgotten promise sealed on our lips by the cavern angels hand- children know that life ends and does not.

The weight of kindness

I recently read a paper on an some obscure thing called “Infinite Ethics,” by Nick Bostrom.

I watched you go down that little path so badly beaten

I used to wonder what lay down that other road. What skyscrapers or forests or open fields lay down there that I couldn’t yet see. That I would never see.