Hi, I'm Tanaka and this is what I do:

- Steering Commitee Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities organizing URNH 2019.
- Creator of Apply Africa. Global shaper with the Cleveland Hub.
- Computer science student at The College of Wooster.
- Digital Humanities Student and Software Engineer. Digital Humanities Making Connections between people and data.
Study Interests
- Twitter bots, web scraping and text analysis in Python
- Dabbling in Python libraries and linux shell scripts in C-lang
- Front end web development and design with Jekyll and Hakyll.
- Data visualization in using D3.js and charts.js in JavaScript
- Front end web development and design in HTML, CSS
- Digital Humanities text mining and sentiment analysis and LDA Topic Modelling using Stanford's Palladio and Python
- Github pages, Omeka and Wordpress for blog design.
- Apply Africa website.
- Apply Africa twitter bot.
- Twitter Early Bird 2018 Twitter Hashtag analyser and ranker.
- US Gun violence Data Visualization 2003-2018 using Stanford's Palladio tool and Google Fusion tables.
Blog Last updated October 2018