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Tanaka Chingonzo

Computer Science and Sociology Double Major
College of Wooster class of 2021

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Digital Humanities Student and Software Engineer. Digital Humanities Making Connections between people and data.

Creator of Apply Africa. Global shaper with the Cleveland Hub.

Steering Commitee Undergraduate Network for Research in the Humanities..

Member of Student Government Senate at the College of Wooster.

Study Interests
- Twitter bots, web scraping and text analysis in Python
- Dabbling in Python libraries and linux shell scripts in C-lang
- Front end web development and design with Jekyll and Hakyll.
- Data visualization in using D3.js and charts.js in JavaScript
- Front end web development and design in HTML, CSS
- Digital Humanities text mining and sentiment analysis and LDA Topic Modelling using Stanford's Palladio and Python
- Github pages, Omeka and Wordpress for blog design.

- Apply Africa website.
- Apply Africa twitter bot.
- Twitter Early Bird 2018 Twitter Hashtag analyser and ranker.
- US Gun violence Data Visualization 2003-2018 using Stanford's Palladio tool and Google Fusion tables.